Summertime sweets

On a recent weekday morning, I awoke to the sound of an incoming Snapchat at 7 a.m. While I was still adjusting to a new day, my cousin snapped me the entire process of her preparing a berry crisp for breakfast. My mind was blown by two things:

  1. Berry crisp for breakfast!
  2. Homemade berry crisp for breakfast at 7 a.m. on a weekday?

I knew I’d never be able to achieve the second, but I set myself a goal of indulging in a crisp breakfast on an upcoming morning.

Peach crisp for breakfast

I searched the web far and wide to find the most straightforward recipe for peach crisp. Along the way, I found this wonderfully explanatory video about creating the perfect peach cobbler.

I also learned the difference between a cobbler and crisp – a cobbler is topped with a biscuit batter, whereas a crisp includes an oat mix. Who knew!

I’ll be honest – this crisp did not go as planned. I had a few days off work and was absolutely determined this would be a wonderful start to a mini-vacation.  When I awoke to prepare my crisp, I had come down with quite possibly the worst summer cold I’ve ever had. Nonetheless, I was determined and set out preparing Chowhound’s Easy Peach Crisp. Did it taste good? I can’t tell you. I couldn’t taste it at all. But boy did it look good as it sizzled coming out of the oven.


Sometimes appearance really is all that matters.

Lessons learned

This week’s lesson is pretty straightforward: despite your cooking goals, if you wake up with a deathly cold – give yourself a break. 45 minutes preparing a homemade crisp for breakfast is wasted if you can’t taste it.




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