Why did I drop that frittata?

I had planned to write this two hours ago, but the goal of this blog is to talk about home cooking, and so three hours ago it made complete sense that I would do some home cooking first. And of course I had anticipated the home cooking would take one hour. And of course it took three.


Two servings of my roast fire. No, I’m kidding. This is the calm after the cooking storm.

This is how cooking works for me. I love food, and I love the experience of preparing it and I love the experience of sharing it with friends. I love a well-lit room, whether a restaurant or my kitchen/dining/living room in my tiny apartment. I think I’m good at it. I think I’m a good cook, that is. I’m a welcoming host.

What I am not, is a good planner. I’m constantly missing things from my grocery list, underestimating the amount of time it’ll take me to cook something, and leaving a destroyed kitchen in my wake. “The recipe says 20 minutes, so I’ll leave myself 30.” Flash forward to two hours and it’s something like “Shit, sorry guys, this should be ready any minute. I just need to finish up this one quick thing.”

The challenge: Be better at home cooking

And so, I’m going to embark on a little challenge. To better understand how to eat-in – both the mundane Tuesday night dinner, and the exciting Friday night entertaining.

I had originally intended to put a lot of stringent boundaries on myself: no eating out, only eating whole foods that I can trace, etc. etc. etc. But that’s not what I want this blog to be about. Instead of restrictions, I want to focus on the process – be it a quick thrown together meal, or a four-course masterpiece. There’s a running joke that I’m either eating a bowl of cereal or stretching my culinary skills to their maximum. I want to explore finding the middle ground – while not denying who I obviously am at my core (someone who once contributed to a Global TV piece on National Grilled Cheese Day).

What do I love about eating in? What do I love about cooking for friends? How can I get better at both? And why did I almost drop that frittata on the floor in front of my friends when I’ve pulled it off a dozen times when there were no witnesses?